I am a lover of wine culture, land and mountains; the rivers and everything that surrounds Mendoza. I enjoy cooking and sharing with people who appreciate the warmth of what has been done with dedication, passion and personality. After working for more than 20 years in the wine industry, I was motivated to do something genuine, sincere; that expresses the intensity and elegance of the Paraje Altamira terroir, where are located our vineyards of more than 60 years old.


Located in the center of Paraje Altamira, cold and height zone par excellence, on Contastini street between La Superiora and Costa Canal Uco. I use grapes from the Cuartel Viejo and the Los Cejos barracks that produce an average of 5500 kilos per hectare. Harvest by hand, in boxes of 17 kilos during the third week of April. High density espalier. The plant come from a mass selection of the old vineyards of Ā«French grapeĀ» characteristic of this south west area of the Uco Valley. Traditional watering to mantle, pruning in guyot.

Traditional fermentation in concrete pools with epoxy between 22 and 29 Celsuis degrees, the concept is to let the grape be expressed, treat it gently. After the malolactic fermentation the barrels of American and French oak are immediately filled. I use old barrels and 30% new barrels every year. I work with fine sludges during the first months of aging in barrels, then the wine rests for at least 20 months in them, with a transfer during the first 12 months. Alcohol 14.5% by Vol.
The challenge is to make an elegant wine that expresses the personality of the grape, its place, its character, but above all, it is a wine that people like.


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